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Loved ordering through a real person!

I had so many questions, so calling to ask my questions first, then ordering over the phone made things so much simpler. I was surprised, too - installation was much easier than expected. I had one thing I didn't understand, and I got an answer from a live person, which was nice.

I am that “over protective” mom with a little girl who is growing up way too fast.  When the time came for us to start leaving her at  home on occasion, I knew I would need the best alarm system possible. I did a lot of research and they all seemed the same… except  Alarm Star.  I decided to buy from Alarm Star, and I could not be more thankful that I did.  Their system met my “mommy” needs"  I needed more help learning to use the system and my daughter as well a simple call to them and they were very patient teaching us to use the system. I now have the piece of mind that when I  am away, my most precious possession in life is safe. I also know that my daughter feels safe and comfortable with using the system if she would ever need help.  I truly thank Alarm Star for this.

Because of the alarm system that I purchased from Alarm Star I feel safe when I arm my system for the night to know that with my baby daughters are protected from an intruder.

So easy to install

This system was so easy to install and works great. Very, very easy to use and the APP is amazing.

Friday Breakin

Last night at 2 am I got a call from the monitoring station saying that there were multiple alarms going off and police had been dispatched.When I arrived about 10 minutes later, there was an ambulance and several police cars outside, and they were all inside my business.  They had a man in custody and were treating him for injuries.I wanted to let you know, if it wasn’t for the alarm system, I could have sustained a lot of damage to my business.Of course we live in a small town….the Bail Bondsman who is my client bonded him out this morning and made him come over and apologize and clean up the mess he made.  The man’s boss is the contractor who did my hardwood floors, and he came and apologized as well and guaranteed me the damage (broken glass) will be fixed on Monday.Thank you for having a system that works!